Terms & Conditions

L J D  Law College Falta terms and Conditions of Enrolment:-



  • Agreement means these terms and conditions, the learning agreement form, the Fee Policy, and the Rules.
  • College means L.J.D.Law College Falta at Falta Nainan Road,Vill Punnya,Ps-Falta,PO-Sahararhat,District 24 Parganas (South) West Bengal,India PIN 743504, and  J.D Law College Falta,  or any of its college or Colleges/ centres/ collaborators or subsidiaries which  may be set up from time to time or successors in title.
  • Course means the course or programme of study to be undertaken by the Student as identified on the applicable enrolment form.
  • Fees means Admission fees to be paid one time during total course which is included the admission time students registration fees .And Semester fees which is a semester wise and 2 (two) semesters in a year and it’s includes only Development fees and tuition fees not related any other fees like University exam fees registration fees Internal examination fees and any other fees which is not mentioned here and moreover the college authority reserves the right to Addition,alterations modification of the fees and definitions time to time.
  • Fee Policy means the policy of the College with regard to Fees set down by the College from time to time.
  • Ancillary Course Costs means the costs payable (if any) to the College by the Student to cover the cost of providing particular Course materials which are not otherwise included within the Fees.
  • Rules means the Instrument and Articles of Governance, the Student Guide, and any other rules, policies, procedures and/or regulations set down by the College from time to time.
  • Sponsor means any employer and/or third party who has agreed with the Student and/or the College to pay the Fees (or part of them).
  • Student means the person whose application for enrolment on the Course is accepted by the College.
  1.  The Basis of these Conditions.

The conditions set out below together with the Rules, and applicable learning agreement form (online or paper), form the entire agreement between the College and the Student in respect of the Course and its provision. Copies of such documentation are available upon request from the College by contacting 9073125443 or email ljdlawcollegefalta@gmil.com  

Any descriptive material including but not limited to information contained in the College’s brochures and/or prospectuses, advertising material or elsewhere shall not form part of the agreement and shall be treated as approximate and for guidance only unless specifically stated otherwise.

2.    Limitation of Liability
2.1    In any instance where the College is not liable for any fees refund as described in clause  above, the College shall be released from any responsibility to the Student or Sponsor for failure to provide or complete the provision of a Course, and from any related costs, damages, losses or expenses or demands which may arise either directly or indirectly.

2.2    The Student’s attention is in particular drawn to the following: LJD Law College, Falta will no way be held responsible for any accident or injury suffered by the student in the campus or outside the campus during the course.
   2.3    The College shall not be liable and expressly excludes responsibility for any loss, cost, expense or damage suffered by the Student as a result of:
2.4    any loss, theft, misuse or damage to property, including without limit any motor vehicle, cycle, equipment or such other personal belongings of the Student whilst such property is on the College premises;
2.5    any loss, expense or damage of any nature suffered by a Student as a consequence of any data processing undertaken by the Student or any other third party using any computer equipment belonging to the College;
2.6    any loss, expense or damage in respect of any course materials or information provided by any third party other than the College;
2.7    (subject to applicable laws) any death or personal injury suffered by the Student unless caused by the College’s proven negligence or breach of statutory duty.
2.8 The College does not accept responsibility and expressly excludes liability to the fullest extent permitted in law for any indirect or consequential loss or damage (including without limit loss of profit, loss of earnings, loss of opportunity, living expenses) howsoever arising, suffered by the Student as a result of any breach by the College of this Agreement or any other act or omission of the College or its employees or agents.
2.9    For the avoidance of doubt, the College gives no warranty, guarantee or representation as to the accuracy and/or completeness of any advert and/or literature relating to the College and/or Course (including without limit the Course cost content, structure or format).

3. Rights and Obligations of the Student

3.1    Students shall meet and comply with the requirements and/or standards, set out in this Agreement, including without limit the requirements and/or standards relating to conduct, attendance and the submission of course work. The College reserves the right to suspend and/or exclude (at its discretion) any Student failing to meet such standards and/or requirements.
3.2    Students will be expected to take choice able course, The College reserves the right to exclude any Student from the Course should they fail to full fill the eligibility criteria as per the concern University norms and standard or the same has been set out by the College authority.
3.3    In addition, Students are required to:
3.3.1    comply with all reasonable requests of College officers, staff and authorised contractors or agents.
3.3.2    comply with the conditions of use of College’s identity cards details of which are set out in the Rules.
3.3.3    behave in a manner which does not cause injury or damage to other persons, in particular to the property of the College, its staff, students or visitors and does not impede or prevent the provision of the Course or any other course or programmes of study or otherwise harm the standing and reputation of the College.
3.3.4    comply with such special requirements for a Course as may be imposed by law, accrediting or professional bodies or other applicable third parties. For clarification such specialised requirements may include criminal checks, health/medical checks or other conditions of conduct.
3.3.5    comply with the College’s Internet/computer use and associated IT policies.

4. Rights and Obligations of the College

4.1    The College shall use its reasonable endeavours to provide the Student with an education service which may, where appropriate, include a programme of study, classes and tutorials intended to prepare the Student for examinations and qualifications, and with relevant learning support if necessary.
4.2    The College reserves the right to make variations to the contents or methods of delivery of the Course, to discontinue the Course (or any part of it), to alter the Course emphasis (including without limit the amount of practical, theory and/or academic experience undertaken) and to merge or combine programmes if such action is reasonably believed to be necessary by the College which for the avoidance of doubt shall include where there are insufficient enrolments to make a Course viable (in the College’s opinion). In the event that the College discontinues any course or programme or amalgamates such programmes or courses, it will use reasonable endeavours to provide a suitable and acceptable alternative                (  with the conqarance of the respective approving authority)
4.3    The College shall have the right to cancel or suspend the whole or any part of any Course, without incurring additional liability and without being considered to have broken this agreement, where it is prevented from providing it in circumstances beyond its control, including force majeure; sickness/illness of specialised staff; withdrawal of funding or variation of any funding methodologies by any funding body, government department or similar agency; or change of government policy or other action of a government department or similar agency.

4.4 For internal students progressing onto another course: any course offer is made on evidence of commitment and motivation towards your current studies. This includes successful completion of your College Study Programme. If you are aged 19+ then your course offer is subject to relevant funding being in place and sufficient places being available on the course for adult students. On occasion, the College may amend offers made to applicants. We will keep you informed of any changes and will endeavour to offer a suitable alternative, if required.

5. Policy Statement
L.J.D.Law College Falta is a not for profit organisation; however, to achieve the College’s aim of ensuring excellence in delivery of learning, training or services to individuals and employers, fees are set to ensure that when public funding subsidies are taken into account the College is able to at least cover the full costs of delivery, make a contribution to College overheads for the environment in which the activities take place, and the sustained investment in resources that is required.

6. Policy Objectives
The policy seeks to ensure that:
•    the College has a fees policy that is fair, equitable and clear
•    tuition fees and associated charges are calculated and applied consistently across the entire curriculum offer of the College
•    any barriers to participation presented by tuition fees and associated charges are mitigated by providing flexible payment options and/or assisting students to access appropriate financial assistance to meet the cost of these
•    the College can respond flexibly to market forces and government policy, including fee guidance issued by relevant authorities/ bodies
•    the College develops appropriate and effective targets relating to fee income generation, and reviews performance against these regularly, and in relation to sector benchmarks.


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